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Women for Women International Catwalk and Auction in Partnership with Browns  


World AIDS Day, December 1st, 2014: HIV-Positive Mothers Hold the Key to an AIDS-free Generation

Meet Johanna Satekge, mothers2mothers Mentor Mother

The transmission of the HIV virus from a mother to her baby is preventable.  Yet, each day, almost 600 children are infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Most acquire HIV from their mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Without treatment, approximately half of these children will die before the age of two.

Preventing HIV-positive mothers from passing on the virus to their babies is the most important thing we can do to achieve an AIDS-free generation.  No baby should be born with HIV and no mother should die of AIDS.

As former US President Bill Clinton told delegates at July’s AIDS 2014 Summit, “Almost 50% of all new paediatric infections occur during the breastfeeding period. So keeping these women in care until the end of the breastfeeding period is the single most important thing we can do to achieve an AIDS-free generation.” Bill Clinton, speaking at AIDS 2014.

For World AIDS Day, 1st December 2014, mothers2mothers (m2m) Mentor Mother Johanna Satekge, mother of two from South Africa, will be in London from 26 November until 3 December to discuss her own experiences and how she and her fellow HIV-positive Mentor Mothers are fighting the stigma of HIV/AIDS, educating and supporting HIV-positive women, and preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV across sub-Saharan Africa.

Johanna tested positive for HIV in 2001 when she was pregnant. At that time, there were not many programmes in South Africa to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  As a result, Johanna had to endure unimaginable heartbreak. Her son, and a daughter born three years later, each died helplessly in her arms at seven months old of illnesses she believes were related to HIV.  Working as a Mentor Mother at mothers2mothers, Johanna’s mission now is to make sure that no mother in her South African community has to go through the anguish she did.   She has gone onto have two more children who are both HIV negative.

On World AIDS Day Johanna will join m2m Founder Dr. Mitch Besser to co-host a VIP Lunch at Mondrian London at Sea Containers, with Next Management and THE OUTNET. The event for high-profile supporters and VIPs will celebrate the work of m2m’s Mentor Mothers and thank supporters such as THE OUTNET and UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador Victoria Beckham who helped the charity raise much needed funds and awareness this year when they sold more than 600 fashion items from Victoria’s closet in aid of m2m on THE OUTNET.COM, in August.

Mothers on the front-line of the fight against AIDS 

Effective and inexpensive medical interventions are available that can keep mothers and babies healthy. Without these interventions, up to 40% of infants born to HIV-positive mothers will contract the virus. With treatment, that number can be reduced to 2%.  At mothers2mothers, 1.9% of babies born to  m2m clients tested positive for HIV at 6-8 weeks in 2013. (m2m 2013 Annual Report).

However, most health centres in sub-Saharan Africa are severely understaffed which leaves doctors and nurses only minutes to give a pregnant woman her HIV diagnosis and explain all of the drugs and tests she must adhere to in order to keep herself healthy and protect her baby from HIV.  In addition, the stigma of HIV that is prevalent in many African communities causes many women to live in fear and secrecy, making it difficult for them to access the care they need.

mothers2mothers is changing that by training, employing, and empowering Mentor Mothers, who are mothers living with HIV, to work alongside doctors and nurses in health centres as members of the healthcare team. In one-on-one and group sessions, Mentor Mothers provide essential health education and psychosocial support to other HIV-positive mothers on how they can protect their babies from HIV infection, and keep themselves and their families healthy.  Mentor Mothers’ ties to the community and first hand-hand knowledge of HIV make them highly effective peer mentors.

The women Mentor Mothers serve are more likely to take antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and protect their health. Further, the infants of mothers in m2m’s programme are more likely to receive ARVs to protect them from HIV infection, and be administered an early infant diagnosis test to determine their status, compared to other infants born to HIV-positive mothers.  These outcomes have been shown to have a positive impact on the health of mothers and their children.

m2m’s programme also has a positive impact on the Mentor Mothers themselves. The employment enables Mentor Mothers to gain financial security for themselves and their families.  By virtue of being professionalised, Mentor Mothers become role models in health centres and their communities, putting a face to empowered, strong, and healthy HIV-positive women, and thereby reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

While Mentor Mothers are still primarily focused on preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child and promoting maternal and infant health, m2m is enhancing the scope of its work to enable clients and their families to improve their overall health.  Mentor Mothers are currently being equipped with the technical knowledge and skills to offer education, support, and referrals on a wide range of health issues important to clients.  In order to reach even more women and their families, m2m is moving its Mentor Mother services out into communities.  We are also formalising the education and support Mentor Mothers give to HIV-negative pregnant women and new mothers to help them stay healthy and HIV free.

More about mothers2mothers

Since its founding, m2m has reached more than 1.2 million HIV-positive mothers in nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and catalysed affiliated Mentor Mother programmes in two additional countries.

The Mentor Mother Model has been identified as a key strategy in the United Nations Global Plan to eliminate paediatric AIDS by 2015 and keep mothers alive. The Plan also calls for country-driven initiatives to promote national accountability and accelerate progress in reducing new HIV infections among children and improving maternal health. The establishment of national Mentor Mother programmes, currently being implemented in Kenya and South Africa with m2m’s technical assistance, supports this recommendation.

m2m is a member of the Global Plan Steering Group and the Inter-agency Task Team on the Prevention and Treatment of HIV infection in Pregnant Women, Infants and Children, which provides technical guidance to the 22 countries targeted by the Global Plan. Through these two organisations, m2m is able to promote the interests of mothers living with HIV and its efforts to meet their needs.

As mothers2mothers believed when it began the first Mentor Mother programme in South Africa in 2011, mothers can play a crucial role in helping women and babies stay healthy and provide much needed assistance to Africa’s severely understaffed health systems. We are grateful that the global community and national governments are embracing the services Mentor Mothers can offer, and are putting them front and centre of efforts to end paediatric AIDS and promote healthy motherhood.


For interviews, images, films, event accreditation and more information, please contact Jenny Rose on 07957 551 697 or jenny@happypr.co.uk


“I’m so respectful of what the White Ribbon Alliance has achieved to date and what it aspires to do, that at any speaking opportunities I would be privileged to give up my role to somebody from that organisation.” Ray Chambers, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals and for Malaria

The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA), a global network of advocates for maternal health, made a BIG splash at this year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) with its call for the ‘Usual Suspects’  to move over and make way for Citizen Leaders to speak at a wide range of important events on women and children’s health.

The campaign, which included the high profile distribution of issue 2 of the White Ribbon Alliance’s Citizen’s Post tabloid newspaper at events by ‘newsies’, created a huge stir and was successful at persuading an unprecedented number of big name ‘Usual Suspects’ to give up their speaking places on important panels for Citizen Leaders. For example Richard Horton (Chief Editor of The Lancet), Kathy Calvin (President & CEO of the UN Foundation), Flavia Bustreo  (Assistant Director General for Family & Community Health at WHO) and Ted Turner (founder of CNN) all commended the campaign, calling themselves ‘Usual Suspects’ before handing over to citizen leaders to speak in their place.

Watch the Citizens Post Round-Up Report by WRA Citizen Reporters at the UNGA to see and hear what leaders had to say.

Flavia Bustreo gave up her speaking slot to WRA Tanzania Leader Rose Mlay, at the Every Woman Every Child Evening Reception, where Kathy Calvin also moved over for Memory Banda, Let Girls Lead Youth Advocate from Malawi.  Both Ray Chambers and Ted Turner wanted to give up their speaking slots at the MDG advocates breakfast on Thursday, however, the organisers said only one person could do this. Ted Turner gave up his speaking slot for GirlUp Co Chair Karina Jougla and Ray Chambers endorsed the campaign.

At the Merck for Mothers event, Chaired by Devex founder Raj Kumar, Kumar gave a shout out to the WRA Campaign, displayed the Citizens Post on screens and held up the paper on the panel before handing over to Lennie Kamwendo, Midwife and Chair of the Board, WRA Malawi, on the floor. What’s more, two Women Deliver advocates were given a platform at the One Voice meeting - all thanks to the WRA’s Campaign, which created more citizen representation than first intended.

So what was the point? Accountability is one of the biggest buzzwords within the global health and development space, and there is increasing recognition that sustainability and accountability are linked. Citizens, coordinated by civil society organizations, have an immense role to play in translating government commitments beyond New York to ensure that they are delivered to women in their own countries. This often means identifying local barriers to commitments being delivered and then systematically advocating for the changes at national and district level. It means bringing together communities, health care providers, district leaders, and elected officials to discuss what isn’t working and coming up with practical solutions.

 “Asking for space for these citizen leaders was not a token exercise to give voice to those on the ‘frontlines’ to provide a reality check of sad and heart wrenching stories. Instead, the platform given showcased the evidence that progress on achieving commitments can be greatly accelerated with strong citizen engagement. With less than 500 days remaining until the end of the Millennium Development Goals, we want to highlight how much more can be done if citizen leaders are supported to lead the change and continue to work with and push governments to deliver.” Betsy McCallon Executive Director of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

So what’s next? Over the next year, White Ribbon Alliance and partners will be holding a series of national level dialogues to influence the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to shaping the next phase for Every Women Every Child so that momentum is not lost, existing commitments are not swept under the rug, and gaps are prioritized.

The White Ribbon Alliance will be advocating for several of the Independent Expert Review groups recommendations including a new independent accountability mechanism with formal citizen engagement. We will be feeding into the Global Financing Facility consultations, including advocating for civil society funding as a central part of the accountability strategy, keeping up the global drumbeat and amplifying national successes.

At the 2015 UNGA the White Ribbon Alliance is calling for a Citizens Hearing to hold governments Accountable to their promises.

So, next time leaders meet in New York, London or Geneva applauding new policy, financing and program commitments, the White Ribbon Alliance will call on them to actively support the crucial role citizens must have if we are to make sure these promises make a difference in the lives of women and children.

About the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

Healthy mothers make a healthy world. White Ribbon Alliance unites citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere. 

The good news is that the numbers dying in childbirth have come down by half in recent years, but this is after decades of neglect. Fifteen years ago the global Big Cheeses set 2015 as the target date for the eight ‘Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs), one of which was reducing deaths in childbirth by three quarters while providing universal access to reproductive health. We have failed to meet it, and the death rate for mothers in many countries remains a global disgrace.

Over a decade ago, White Ribbon Alliance formed because the voices of women at risk of dying in childbirth were not being heard. We rapidly grew as thousands of people and groups joined the network, speaking as one voice. We are the biggest citizen led coalition for maternal health and we campaign nationally as well as on the global stage to persuade Heads of State to keep their promises and deliver on their commitments to maternal health.

We mobilise citizens and provide a platform for women and men to demand change.

More information:  whiteribbonalliance.org, Facebook.com/whiteribbonalliance



The Women for Women International & De Beers Summer Evening 23rd June, The Royal Opera House London

Follow the event: #wfwijoinme

A selection of the online coverage: 

Daily Mail online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2666527/Supermodel-Lily-Cole-covers-golden-dress-matching-coat.html

Harper’s Bazaar online: http://www.harpersbazaar.co.uk/people-parties/people-and-parties/the-women-for-women-and-de-beers-summer-evening

Marie Claire online: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/fashion/546765/lily-cole-and-arizona-muse-support-the-women-for-women-gala.html#QhCT74VhuuZ0JzdP.03

Women’s Wear Daily: http://www.wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/the-women-room-7764519?src=nl/mornReport/20140626

Tatler online:  http://www.tatler.com/bystander/events/2014/june/women-for-women-international-and-de-beers-summer-gala#!/14674/image/1

Vogue online – Arizona Muse in “Best Dressed of the Week” gallery: http://www.vogue.co.uk/spy/celebrity-photos/2014/06/23/best-dressed-of-the-week/gallery/1196805

Women for Women International and De Beers Diamond Jewellers hosted a Summer Evening of entertainment and fundraising on 23rd June in aid of the important work Women for Women does helping some of the world’s most vulnerable women.  Work highlighted this June at the Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict Global Summit hosted by William Hague MP and UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie.

Sponsored by De Beers Diamond Jewellers, co-chaired by Alexandra Meyers and Hikari Yokoyama, featuring a very special performance by Lily Cole, exciting performances by Lianne La Havas and Royal Opera House artists, and with guests including David Furnish and Arizona Muse it was a glittering affair.

 “At a time when the international community has recognised it needs to do much more to prevent and respond to the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war, it was wonderful for Women for Women International to celebrate what women in countries affected by conflict achieve every day - rebuilding their lives and the lives of their children and communities. I am so grateful to all the incredible people who donated their time and more to create this fabulous event, an evening filled with entertainment and beauty – raising funds we so desperately need to bring more women out of isolation and provide them with the skills they need to transform their lives.” Brita Fernandez Schmidt, UK Executive Director, Women for Women International

 “Women for Women International is a cause that I hold very close to my heart, even more so after Hikari and I visited Kosovo recently to meet some of the women and graduates of the programme there. The stories that the women shared with us of the ordeals and adversity that they have faced,  along with the proof of the success and strength that they all gained from the Women for Women programme were truly inspirational. Meeting these women has forever changed us and given us new perspectives on hope, drive and feminine empowerment.” Co-chair Alexandra Meyers

"I believe that women's empowerment is the most important issue confronting the 21st century. In many places, we forget that women are human and thus entitled to human rights including the right to participate in society - economically, politically and socially. WfWI empowers women from each locale that it works in to determine their own future, based on their own dreams and ambitions for their own lives." Co-chair Hikari Yokoyama

“De Beers is delighted to celebrate inspiring women through it’s “Moments in Light” project and through this is proud to support Women for Women International and their incredible achievements to support thousands of women in need around the world.” François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamonds Jewellers

All proceeds from the event will go to the important work Women for Women International does to provide women survivors of war, civil strife, and other conflicts with resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.

What: The Women for Women International & De Beers Summer Evening

When: 18:30-23:30, Monday 23rd June 2014

Where: Paul Hamlyn Hall, The Royal Opera House, London

Attendees included:  Arizona Muse, Bay Garnett, Barbara Broccoli, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, Daisy de Villeneuve, David Furnish, Edie Campbell, Izzy Lawrence, Jade Parfitt, Jasmine Guinness, Juliet Aubrey, Matthew Williamson, Otis Ferry, Patrick Cox, Sol Campbell, Thomasina Miers and Zara Martin amongst others.

Performers: Lily Cole, Lianne La Havas, Kiandra Howerth

Co-Chairs: Alexandra Meyers & Hikari Yokoyama

Auctioneer: Alexander Gilkes

Sponsor: De Beers Diamond Jewellers

Honorary Committee:  Barbara Broccoli, Nicky Kinnaird, Keira Knightley, Arizona Muse, Julia Peyton-Jones, Zainab Salbi and Robin Saunders Committee: Jacqueline Appel, Vanessa Arelle, Bette Anne Berg, Laurence Bet-Mansour, Raphaelle Bischoff, Mafalda Borea, Emily Caillon Chene, Sonia Carpentier Benjelloun, Celia Cattelain, Deborah David, Kirsten Grenside, Zoe Kuipers, Julie Lawson, Najla Nabih Mooro, Annika Naidoo, Sibylle Rochat, Marije Serrano-Visser, Dee Stirling, Caroline Templeton, Mimma Viglezio, Michelle Yue

Media Contact: Jenny Rose, Women for Women International, jrose@womenforwomen.org or 07957 551 697.

About Women for Women International

At Women for Women International we work with women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Sudan. We help them transition from crisis and poverty to stability and economic well-being via a year-long training programme. We do this by bringing women out of isolation in a safe space with other women, by providing them with skills to earn and save money so they can put food on the table and send their children to school, by providing them with access and knowledge of how to look after their and their families’ health, by providing women with knowledge and skills so that they can make and influence decisions in their homes and community. Women are not victims of conflict, they are survivors and agents of change who can achieve the transformation they want for themselves and their families and communities with the right support.

Communities are not, of course, made up of just women and because the whole community benefits when everyone in the community is involved, we work hard at Women for Women International to engage men in our work. Men are powerful advocates for women’s empowerment, breaking down prejudices and practices which prevent women from reaching their potential.

So far, over 20 years WfWI has helped over 400,000 women survivors of war and created a change in the lives of over 2 million community members as a result.

Sponsor a woman through the one-year programme for £22 per month and help us change the world one woman at a time. For more information, go to womenforwomen.org.uk, facebook.com/WomenforWomenUK, youtube.com/user/womenforwomenuk, or follow us on @womenforwomenUK

About ‘Moments In Light’

De Beers, The Jeweller of Light, celebrates talented and inspiring women through a series of portraits created by photographer Mary McCartney. ‘Moments in Light’ captures their spirit in light and provides a platform to share their unique stories and natural beauty with women all over the world. This is an important project for the brand, engaging women through this emotional project, and through it supporting Women for Women International.
In this first series, beautiful portraits of contemporary artist and sculptor Cornelia Parker OBE, celebrated fashion designer Alice Temperley MBE, world renowned dancer and choreographer, Aszure Barton, artist and photographer, Chen Man and Michelin star chef, Skye Gyngell give a tantalizing insight into their lives, careers and inspirations. In a series of short films, each woman talks about her journey, her craft and her ‘Moment in Light’, a particular moment in time, which inspired her to succeed and that became possible through the support of others.

Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director, Women for Women International UK comments “I am inspired by the De Beers ‘Moments in Light’ campaign and so grateful to the incredible women taking part in the initiative. With the help of De Beers, 150 women survivors of war and conflict will go through the Women for Women International year-long programme. They will learn new skills and gain the confidence and knowledge that will allow them to rebuild their lives. In turn, they will improve the lives of their families and inspire other women to believe in themselves. ‘Moments in Light’ will give hope and opportunities to women, who are otherwise often forgotten.”



'Rio 50 Degrees'

Director: Julien Temple | Series Editor: Alan Yentob

Premiere: BBC1 10.30pm, May 18th 

Most of us still think of Rio as a tropical paradise. An endless beach where the sun, sex and samba never stops. A place where the most beautiful girls on earth come from and English crooks like the Lavender Hill Mob or Ronnie Biggs go to live happily ever after.

But there is a darker reality behind the sunshine and soaring thermometers. As Brazil's economic miracle jumpstarts Rio's preparations for the World Cup and Olympics in 2014/16, the city is emerging from the legacy of a brutal military dictatorship and massive corruption. For over 25 years from the mid 80s until a couple of years ago, Rio has lived through what many Cariocas call a civil war between the police and the drug lords of the favelas, which has killed far more people than the Israeli Palestinian conflict during that same period of time.

 Although populated by people of every shade and colour, this extraordinary racially mixed city, remains one of the most segregated on earth.

Huge levels of corruption exposed by the preparations for the games and continuing lack of investment in health, transport and education as well as the social cleaning of the favelas to make way for boutique Olympic hotels, caused people's anger to boil over onto the streets as two million people marched through Rio last summer.

Throughout all this, flowing from its roots in Samba, the music of Rio has reflected and directly influenced these tumultuous social and cultural changes  more directly than anywhere else.

Powered and narrated by the music and voices of the city, Rio 50 Degrees takes us on a time travel journey through the best and worst of times, a living X-ray of the heartbeat and soul of the city on the brink of this summer’s World Cup…

Website http://julientemple.com 

Happy 2014! Watch Brita Fernandez Schmidt on Al Jazeera here

Thursday 5th September 2013:  The Rescue Me VIP Reception & Auction for International Animal Rescue at George


Photographer Bob Griffin for International Animal Rescue  

£25,000 was raised on the night with thanks to generous donations by Hasselblad (the camera which Buzz signed was an updated model of the camera he took to the moon); Stella McCartney; Richard Caring; artists Sir Quentin Blake, Laura Harold and Baroness Soujata Devaris and Mandy Saligari clinical Director of Charter Harley St who donated six weeks out-patient rehab treatment at Charter Harley St.

Guests included Dr Buzz Aldrin, IAR Chief Executive Alan Knight OBE, Bill Bailey, Steven Berkoff, Ben & Elle Caring, Robert Fox & Fiona Golfar, Alex Spencer-Churchill, Andy Goode (London Wasps), Victoria Christian, Simon Halliday, Jonathan Trafford, Caroline Curtis Dolby, Carolyn Rist,  Baroness Soujata Devaris and Lord Harry Dalmeny amongst others.

The money raised will go to the important work International Animal Rescue does to rescue animals from suffering across the globe.  For example:

Dancing Bears - In the past 10 years IAR has helped with the rescue of over 600 sloth bears that were ‘danced’ cruelly on the streets of India.  IAR and its partners have effectively ended this activity in India and the bears now reside happily in three spacious sanctuaries.  In addition through its retraining programme many of those individuals responsible for bear dancing have been retrained and employed in different occupations. 

Orangutans - Largely due to aggressive deforestation and the palm oil industry orangutans are losing their habitat at an alarming rate.  In January, this year IAR opened its brand new orangutan rescue and conservation centre in West Borneo, Indonesia to provide facilities for displaced orangutans.  IAR has so far rescued over 80 orangutans with a number being translocated to protected habitats in other parts of West Borneo.  

IAR’s aim is to ensure that (where possible) all rescued orangutans are able to explore and enjoy the forest and that as many as possible are released back into conserved forest areas.    IAR still needs more space for the adult orangutans and is raising funds to purchase and create ‘island’sanctuaries for the adults.

Dogs and Cats - IAR not only works with wild animals but also has an extremely successful clinic (Animal Tracks) for dogs and cats in Goa which treats literally thousands of animals each year.  The focus of the project is on maintaining healthy populations of stray dogs and cats through a humane programme of sterilization and vaccination.  The clinic has become so successful it is now a major veterinary centre for all animals in the north Goa region.  

IAR works with highly experienced vets on all its projects often flying in veterinary experts where necessary, from other countries, to treat specific conditions such as dentistry for bears and surgery on limbs for orangutans.

Rescuing animals is far from the full story.  International Animal Rescue not only responds to cases of animals in desperate need it also works to address the underlying causes.  Time and again the suffering and neglect IAR encounters are routed in ignorance and fear, rather than acts of deliberate cruelty.  For this reason, the educational work it carries out at home and abroad is absolutely vital if it is to bring about a lasting change in attitudes to animals and to the environment as a whole.

Special Thanks to Sponsors Mint, Sotheby’s and George, and all who have generously donated Lots for the auction, including:  Richard Caring, Robert Fox, The Ivy, Hasselblad & Jori White PR, Jensen Button and McClaren F1, Corinthia Hotel, Blakes Hotel, Haymarket Hotel, Limewood Hotel, Laura Harold, Cornelius and Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Michael Rosenfeld, Baroness Soujata Devaris, Jane Villiers, Jessica McCormack, Kate Lenahan, England Cricket Team, Andrew Strauss, Rossano Feretti, 45 Park Lane, Quentin Blake, Charter Harley St, Mandy Saligari, Dr Arial Haus, Glen Atchison, Harbottle & Lewis, Working Title Films and ME Hotels and Resorts.

More info






Say Hello Mum from Glastonbury Festival at the White Ribbon Alliance’s Tattoo & Picture Parlour in The Park

Festival goers can join the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood at Glastonbury Festival 2013 to say ‘HELLO MUM!’ via the charity’s HELLO MUM TATTOO & PICTURE PARLOUR in The Park.

The White Ribbon Alliance is at Glastonbury Festival putting festival goers in the picture about their important work to stop mothers and babies dying in childbirth, and literally in the picture with their HELLO MUM ‘Polaroid’.

Dress up and get right in the special Festival themed frame with your one or more friends and say HELLO MUM from the Festival via your picture, which is sent directly to your mobile phone.

The HELLO MUM Photo Op is a new addition to the charity’s hugely popular Mum’s Tattoo Parlour in The Park, where they are also tattooing mums, dads, kids, babies, policemen, performers and random celebrities with their hugely popular  ‘HELLO MUM’ tattoo transfers for a donation.

The original ‘must have’ festival tattoo, as seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Florence Welch, Michael Eavis, Emily Eavis, Jarvis Cocker, Lilly Allen, Sienna Miller, Will Young, Nick Grimshaw, Henry Holland, Jameela Jamil , Billy Bragg and  Jamie Cullen, Matthew Horn  to name but a few. All of whom have worn their heart on their sleeves (and other places!) to join the fight to stop women and babies dying in childbirth around the world.

Short Film Made for Social Media on The Bow Boys BMX Club

Bow Boys BMX Club & Going Beyond Tourism

Can't believe it's March already?!  Just finished my current project working with cycling charity Sustrans, loved working with their Bow Boys BMX Club initiative and hope they raise the £250K they need to roll the club out to other schools in East London.  You can see BBC London News report from the club on Saturday 9 March.

Have started working with the fabulous responsible travel people The Beyond Tourism Co. and have serious wander lust, their trips to Costa Rica and cycling round Cambodia are definitely on my next trip wish list.  More info in the press releases to your left.

Happy Christmas & Goodbye 2012

I hope you’ve had a successful 2012, and if not get in touch in 2013 as I might be able to help :). My clients are all having a good end to the year here at Happy PR where it’s simply snowing coverage.  Highlights include:

·       With coverage around the London visit of Ugandan Midwife Esther Madudu’s  for AMREF on ITV London Today, Tonight & online, the BBC World Service, Health Check and we the  BBC News Online, A Day in Pictures on 5 December.

·       Mandy Saligari at Charter has been interviewed for Metro and The Times Weekend features this month, whilst Annmarie Louw of Montrose Manor was in The Independent and on The Huffington Post this month and YourColour.com is in the January issues of Marie Claire, Prima and Your Hair.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jenny x 

The Recovery Reception: Lifting the Lid on the Culture of Denial Surrounding Addiction and Eating Disorders in the UK 

Leading Addiction and Eating Disorder specialists Charter Day Care and Montrose Manor are joining forces with peers in the Addiction and Recovery sector to address treatment options accessible in the UK and further afield; How we categorise addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders living in a culture of Addiction and Denial; How we treat these conditions, and how this is funded.

On 2nd October 2012, in Harley Street:  Mandy Saligari Founder of Charter Day Care and Annemarie Louw, Clinical Head Montrose Manor will be joined by peers, clients, VIP supporters, MPs and members of the House of Lords to discuss Recovery, the problems, the issues, possible answers, reforms and costs. 

Addiction and Eating Disorders increasingly place burdens on society, families, individuals and communities. The problems are widespread and more public awareness of Addiction and Eating Disorders is needed if people are to identify the problem and obtain the necessary help on a timely basis. The sooner a person reaches out for treatment, the more effective, affordable and enjoyable treatment can be.  
Charter Day Care and Montrose Manor are two treatment centres committed to broadening awareness of the prevalence of Addiction and Eating Disorders to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

“We understand how to lead people to lasting recovery and fulfilment in a proactive, cost effective manner and whilst the UK Government is moving in the right direction, due to the scale and self-perpetuating nature of the problem they need to move more quickly.  There are thousands of addicts in this country and 100’s of half empty effective treatment centres.” Mandy Saligari, Founder and Clinical Director, Charter Day Care. 

The message from addiction experts is clear and largely unified: We need to stop living in denial in the UK and move more quickly to stop the culture of addiction and addictive behaviours: the self-perpetuating cycle of addicts raising children in co-dependent relationships who go on to become addicts raising children in co-dependent relationships  and so on.  It is damaging and costly to society at large as well as a tragedy for individuals.

“An Eating Disorder is a serious illness and has the highest rate of mortality of all psychiatric illnesses. The complex nature of Eating Disorders means treatment and recovery is notoriously complex. On the NHS, patients cannot receive free help unless their BMI is a dangerously low 13 or less which means people aren’t getting help early enough. It appears that there exists a gap between the needs of the eating disorder sufferers and what the NHS can provide and there remain a substantial number of vulnerable people seeking treatment following the acute phase of an Eating Disorder.” Annemarie Louw, Clinical Head Montrose Manor

A report by Eating Disorder Charity BEAT in July 2012 found that the prevalence of eating disorders costs the English economy an estimated £1.26billion annually and possibly much more. The report, by economist John Henderson, reveals overall healthcare costs estimated at £80-£100m, costs of reduced GDP between £0.23bn up to £2.9bn, and costs of reduced length of life and health around £0.95bn up to £6.6bn making a likely total of £1.26bn per year. 

Montrose Manor in Cape Town, South Africa is a firmly established treatment facility, attracting local and international clients, where the focus is on a rigorous healing programme.  The 12 week treatment programme is structured to help clients achieve consolidated recovery through a comprehensive three phased approach which includes family counselling and on-going support in the UK on clients’ return home.  

Of course, alcohol and drug addiction are also costing us £ billions.  A 2008 Report by the charity Addaction   found that substance misuse related crime cost the UK £100bn in the decade 1998-2008. Total health costs added another £10bn over the decade and each person who remains dependent on illegal drugs is costing the country £44,000 a year. And since then, this cost is likely to have increased.  

The annual cost of alcohol-related harm in England has been estimated to range from £20 billion to £55 billion (Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit 2004; Lister 2007). This is made up of alcohol-related health disorders and disease, crime and antisocial behaviour, loss of productivity in the workplace, and problems for those who misuse alcohol and their families, including domestic violence. Limiting the costs to those associated with healthcare, crime and antisocial behaviour and employee absenteeism, the annual cost in England of alcohol-related harm has been estimated by NICE in 2010 at £12.6 billion . 

The shared Recovery Awareness Reception on October 2nd 2012 will provide an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded, influential people committed to Client Recovery solutions, to share experiences and to discuss recent developments with decision makers.

For more information visit www.charterdaycare.com and www.montrosemanor.co.za

New Clients Announced 

I’m pleased to announce two fantastic and fascinating new clients at Happy PR this month: Leading London addiction specialists Charter Day Care and prestigious eating disorder treatment centre Montrose Manor.  Information about them and available spokespeople will be online shortly but in the meantime you can download background press information on both to the left.  Get in touch if you need experts on either subject to interview, write blogs or offer advice. 

F1 Party for GOSH


Last night the F1™ Party, sponsored by BGC Partners with support from Pirelli, celebrated the official launch of the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix raising £540,000 in vital funds for a new Surgery Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Members of the F1™ community, including F1™ drivers and celebrities came together at Battersea Evolution, for the eighth F1™ Party in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The funds raised last night bring the total raised for the Charity so far by the Formula 1™ community to over £3 million.

As creative director of the party, Tamara Ecclestone once again helped plan the glitzy event where guests were wowed by Adam Garcia and his Revolution dancers, magician Dynamo and an exclusive performance by The Feeling followed by celebrity DJ Henry Holland. Guests were also treated to an unexpected turn from Beverley Knight when she sang (Take a Little) Piece of my Heart with The Feeling.  Thanks to headline sponsors BGC Partners and supporting sponsors Pirelli without whom the F1™ Party would not have been possible. 

Formula 1™’s Bernie Ecclestone, daughter Tamara and the Charity’s Patrons Vernon Kay and Tess Daly were joined by a whole host of celebrity party goers including: Event Host Natalie Pinkham Sky Sport’s F1™ Pit Lane Reporter, Aldo Zilli, Anna Williamson, Beverley Knight, David Coulthard, David Croft, Donal McIntyre, Eddie Jordan, Gary Cockerill, James Grint, Jenny Halpern Prince, Layla Powell, Leah Weller, Lizzie Cundy, Louie Spence, Mark Wright, Oliver Phelps, Phil Turner, Rupert Grint, Sara Cox,  Ted Kravitz, and F1™ team principals and drivers including Mark Webber with Christian Horner from Red Bull, Heikki Kovalainen and Vitaly Petrov from Caterham,  Jerome d’Ambrosio and Eric Boullier from Lotus,  Narain Karthikeyan, Dani Clos & Luis Perez-Sala from HRT and Daniel Ricciardo of Toro Rosso.

Great Ormond Street Hospital patient Cameron Stewart also gave a heartfelt and inspiring speech about his experience of the hospital following treatment for a brain tumour.

Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One Management says, “I am delighted to be able to bring the F1™ community together to help such a great cause. Formula 1™ and Great Ormond Street Hospital have forged a unique and successful relationship, drawing support from across the F1™ community to improve the lives of children being treated at the hospital.”

 Tamara Ecclestone, says “Great Ormond Street Hospital is incredibly important to my family and me. Throwing the F1™ Party for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Children’s Charity is our way of using the glamour and excitement of the Grand Prix to raise vital funds to help the thousands of sick children who are treated by the Hospital each year.”

An exclusive auction was held on the night, with lots including Two places on the Lotus F1™ GP i-race day in Budapest with Business Class flights, Dinner with JLS, VIP Tour & Lunch with Ross Brawn at Mercedes Team HQ for four and VIP Paddock Passes to the Monaco GP.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is the official charity of the Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix. Between 2005-2011, the relationship with the  F1™ community has raised over £2.6 million towards the hospital’s new Heart and Lung Centre in the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre, which officially opened in June 2012.

This year, the F1™ Party has begun fundraising for the new Surgery Centre, where some of the world’s most renowned paediatric surgeons will be operating on patients as young as a few hours through to 18 years old.

In addition to the vital funds raised, each year many of the hospital’s patients are invited to enjoy the Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix from the Paddock, and meet their F1™ heroes. This weekend a small group of Great Ormond Street Hospital patients fanatical about Formula 1™, will be Bernie Ecclestone’s VIP ‘Access All Areas’ guests at the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix at Silverstone. They will be treated to a once in a lifetime experience. 

For more information or to donate please visit www.gosh.org

This Month I'm working with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

I'm helping their fundraising press team, in particular I'm working on the big F1 Party on 4th July (info below).  I will of course share photos and tweets from the event.

The F1 community will come together on the evening of Wednesday July 4, as London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC) and Formula One Management host an unforgettable evening to celebrate the official launch of the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix.

With the kind permission of Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 paddock, celebrities and guests will join the party of the season in aid of GOSHCC. In the eighth year that the charity has hosted the only official F1 Party in the UK, it is moving to London’s most dynamic event space, Battersea Evolution. BGC Partners are welcomed on board as new headline sponsors and Pirelli are supporting sponsor for the second year running.

Natalie Pinkham, pit-lane reporter for Formula One broadcasters Sky Sports, will be hosting the evening and Tamara Ecclestone remains Creative Director of the event.

We need to raise £50 million every year to help rebuild and refurbish Great Ormond Street Hospital, buy vital equipment and fund pioneering research.  Amazing things happen at Great Ormond Street Hospital every day. 

For more information please contact me or log on to www.gosh.org 

Dreams for My Daughter by Joanna Vestey at Wow –Women of the World Festival, Southbank 8-11 March

WRA on Andrea Mitchell Show, NBC 8 March 2012

Dreams for My Daughter on Youtube

Mothers and fathers the world over have dreams for their daughters; for love and happiness, for fulfilment and equality, for peace and prosperity….
But in all too many countries their daughters still have little option but to follow an age old pattern: forced into early marriage and risking death to give birth.   In Afghanistan, 1 in 11 women die in childbirth, and in many countries it is more likely that girls will die giving birth than go to school. 

This reinforces the vicious circle of low education, poverty, child marriage – and back to early death in childbirth.  

The Dreams for My Daughter exhibition, by leading photographer Joanna Vestey, will be launched at WOW – Women of the World festival at the UK’s famous Southbank Centre from International Women’s Day,  8th March until Sunday 11th March 2012.

Dreams for My Daughter Exhibition


On International Women’s Day 2012 The White Ribbon Alliance holds first  Dreams for My Daughter Exhibition by Joanna Vestey  at WOW – Women of the World at Southbank Centre 8-11 March 2012

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